Welcome to The Case Man

“Something Extraordinary”

About Us

Welcome to The Case Man, an Australian based phone case supplier.

So, Why us?

Ever ordered a phone case from China that took ages to arrive, looked nothing like the picture and broke within a week? We’re here to ensure that covering your precious new phone becomes a pleasant experience.

Our friendly staff are more than happy to help you out, answer any questions and make sure that you are well looked after.
Each of our products have been carefully vetted and tested to ensure that they hold up to our quality standards, ensuring you end up with something worth purchasing. 

Our Mantra

Our company is all about the extraordinary. Extraordinary people, providing extraordinary customers with extraordinary products & services.

We envision a company that inspires people to be the best versions of themselves that they can be and to support that culture we are always looking for people to write about and show to the world.

If you are someone who is trying to achieve the extraordinary, we’d love to hear about it! get in touch with us and we will try to help spread your story.


Our design approach is simple, we are going for a clean & modern look that oozes sophistication. We are approaching this through a minimalist design that allows extraordinary materials to do the talking.

Having been founded in 2018, we are still working very hard to expand our product offering. We have a lot in the works at the minute and are very excited to show you all the great creations we have in mind. We are truly inspired to bring something unique to the market and as a result take great pride in the creation of every single product.

– Chris

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